About Urban Academy Charter School


Inspiring, challenging, and enhancing every student’s innate ability to succeed.


Our mission is to work in partnership with urban parents to provide an opportunity for every child to meet or exceed their individual potential in basic academic and life skills by utilizing research-proven methods in a safe, structured, and respectful community.


(F) Friendly (I) In-control (R) Respect (E) Encouraging


Urban Academy provides a quality education for urban students in grades PreK - 8. We believe that education plays a critical role in developing creative and responsible human beings. Children have an innate ability to learn. When nurtured and taught in an environment that respects their unique culture, abilities, resiliency, and effort, they awaken the desire to learn. Ready and willing to be taught, children grow and flourish as creative citizens, able to make their own distinctive contribution to society.

Urban Academy believes in a strong partnership with the student’s home and community in which they reside. Every student is to be understood holistically, by understanding the student’s academic abilities, social and personal life, which impacts their academics and behavior. Our Family Specialist is a resource to the parents by providing them resources that they need so that they can support their children at home.


To create a school improvement process and plan that is collaborative, focuses on student learning, and is measured by multiple sources of data.